What Delights You?

February 19, 2020

For a whole year, the poet Ross Gay asked himself "What delights me?" and embarked on a project. He had simple rules for his project: to write about one thing that delighted him every day; to write them quickly; and to write each one by hand. He said that the project allowed him to relearn life. One of the things that he discovered is that delight doesn't just arrive. You need to actively look for it. The discipline, he says, is akin to training your curiosity. You'll have to be okay with not knowing something and be willing to investigate. The thing, he says, we forget is that delight involves an invitation. He says that once your curiosity about something rewards you with delight over that thing, your love for it causes you to want to invite others to share in your delight. It makes you want to tap someone on the shoulder and say, "Hey, look, check this out."

How many times have you tasted something so delightful that you can't wait to tell someone else about it? How many times have you seen a beautiful vista on your own and the first thought that runs through your head is "I wish (fill in the name of the person you love) could be here to see this too"? Delight is infectious. It must be shared. To tell stories of delight is a part of the delight you experience.

I know you all know where I'm going with this. I know that you too have been thinking, "Yes! That's what the good news of Jesus Christ is like!" Right? After all, hasn't it always been your curiosity that has taken you into an explorative dive into who Jesus is. That dive allows you to swim in the bounty of God's love through the Holy Spirit. That freedom to delve into the mysteries of God makes you want to keep diving. And Oh! What treasures you find! They make you want to tap whoever will listen on the shoulder and say, "Look, here." You can't contain the delight that is now yours to share. That's why you testify to what you've found. That's why you invite others to take the dive too. Because it's never enough to go deep by yourself.

Author: Pastor DoHee Kim
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