May 18, 2022

Before the Wednesday Word, there was Monday Meanderings

During my summer sabbatical, reprints of old Monday Meanderings will appear in this space. They will be new to most of you, though I hope a few of you will recall reading them the first time.

Here's the first Monday Meanderings which I wrote nearly 20 years ago in November 2002: 

This is a just a little space for me to share some random thoughts with you about the faith and hopefully to encourage you. I got the idea from a story I read about the great architect Frank Lloyd Wright. He tells a story of how when he was 9 years old, he went walking with his uncle across a snow-covered field. When they had crossed the field, his uncle stopped and pointed out their tracks in the snow and remarked, "Notice how your tracks wander aimlessly from the fence to the cattle to the woods and back again. And see how my tracks aim directly to my goal. There is an important lesson in that."

Now you may think the lesson learned was the need to go directly toward the goal. Certainly, that is good advice. We need to know our goals in life and head toward them. Jesus himself warned us that we need to keep our eyes focused on the kingdom (Luke 9:62), and Paul echoes his master's words (Philippians 3:12-14). However, that does not mean that our journey of faith needs to avoid all the wonder along the way. Cows, trees, and fences are interesting, too.  

My son Peter taught me this lesson once again a couple of days ago. He plays soccer on Saturday mornings and as much as I want him to be Pele and score goals, he prefers to meander. Instead of chasing down a loose ball, he will sprint off the field to say hello to a friend. Instead of staying focused on the game, he will laugh and wrestle with his friends. This Saturday, he and his friends, instead of practicing kicks, sat down and stared with endless fascination at the worms that had come out because of the rain. Scoring goals would have to wait, there were worms to watch! I think that is a good lesson for us. We need to meander and marvel at the works of God as we journey home. That is a part of the journey too. 

And you know, Frank Lloyd Wright didn't learn the lesson his uncle wanted him to learn. Reflecting on the incident, he remembers with a twinkle in his eye, "I determined right then, not to miss most things in life, as my uncle had."


Pastor David Choi
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