Sweet Diving Blessings
June 16, 2021

Sometimes when praying for someone, I step inside a vision of me walking. In this vision, I see my feet. They are clad in black patent leather Mary Janes and by the look of the style and size of my shoes, I know that I am a child. I'm walking on an expansive polished marble floor that stretches out beyond my scope of vision. The gloss and shine of the marble floor fools my brain into thinking I'm walking on a sheet of thin water, except I know that I'm not, because the soles of my patent leather shoes are making a click-clacky-clack echo with each rhythmic step I take. There are no walls in this chamber room but the reverberation of my steps informs me that I am closing in on my destination. I come to a stop. My feet silent. Before me is a throne. Immediately I know I am standing before the throne of God. And without being afraid and in complete awe, I bow. I bow and just wait. Then God asks me, "What is on your heart, child?" And I answer, "There's this person, to whom you gave candy. But this person has given away all her candy to others. Can you please give this person more candy?" Then boldness wells up in me because I know that I am a child of God—a daughter of the Great King. So, I continue to explain, "I know you don't ever run out of your sweet candy, God, so this time, can you give even more than the last time?"

In this vision, I have brought my plea to the highest courts—to God—from whom all blessings flow. And because I know that others want this person to be blessed by God's goodness, I am but a representative of others; and as such, I plead that this servant of God be given more of the sweetness of God so that she might offer God's goodness to others. And when I stand before God, I am neither hesitant nor embarrassed in my pleading because I have access to the King and I am willing to ask of the King on behalf of my friend.

You see, this has been a reoccurring picture I get when I pray. But only recently has it occurred to me that the Lord wants me not only to be the little girl who prays for the blessings of others, but that the Lord is calling me to be the person who is being prayed for. The Lord wants me to be that servant whom God can entrust with God's sweetness—God's goodness—that I would neither hoard nor keep hidden what God has given, but rather, that I would openly and freely give it to others.

So come, will you? Come pray with me at tonight's prayer meeting at 9PM as we approach the throne room of God with our petitions for others and as we pray that God would make us the ones, whom God entrusts to bless others.


Author: Pastor Do Hee Kim




























































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