The Next Generation
October 21, 2020

I suspect that there are days when you feel a twinge of what the prophets of old understood all too well – that we have veered off path, gone astray, and turned our own separate ways – that we have forgotten the call to be the people of God, blessed to be a blessing.

These months, when I hear the national and global news of the day, quite honestly, I need to abstain from hearing too much, because the news drags me down, sometimes into despair. I know that you too probably can only take so much. In all this, my heart cries out for the next generation. I think of the children of this world, the kids at Graceway, my nieces and nephews.

When my nieces and nephews were little, I used to tell them, "If you create a mess and you don't clean it up, you're forcing someone else to pick-up after you. Do you think that's fair? Would that be right, just?" I wanted them to know that actions come with responsibility – that to do anything means to bear ownership of its consequences. It meant that if they carelessly left a mess without cleaning-up after themselves, then someone who did not cause the mess would have to clean-up after them. I suppose, I tend to think that kids understand concepts that some might think are too "big" for children, which is why I would steadily remind them, in hopes that in due time it eventually would click for them in a personal and therefore lasting way. My hope was that their empathy would kick in so that their behavior would then change. For them, at least, they knew that the person they would be forcing to clean up after them would be their parents (or me); and to them at that age, there was nothing more critical to their own happiness than their parent's delight over them. So, they understood.

And so, when I read the news, I can't believe the problems we're leaving for our kids. Often, my heart is anguished by the mess we're asking them to pick-up after us. Lately, I find myself crying: "Oh God, please, don't pass my generation by, if not for our sake, then for the sake of the next generation. Lord, would You intervene? You discipline those whom You love. Come and discipline us. Do not turn Your face from us. Change us. Make us responsible citizens of Your kingdom. We don't want to be those who have forgotten your call – the call to be Your people, to bear witness to this new covenant with You, empowered to be a blessing through the crucified and risen Lord Jesus Christ. Oh, God, give us clean hands and a pure heart, make us those who do not trust in an idol or swear by a false god. You said such a people "will receive Your blessing and Your vindication as their Savior, for such is the generation of those who seek You, who seek Your face" (Psalm 24).

So, church, I'm inviting you to join us tonight at 9PM because we have been called to pray as a church. So, come. Let us pray as the authority to pray in His name has been given to us. Let us be a house of prayer for our church, our leaders, our nation and the nations, our world, and our next generation.   

Author: Pastor DoHee Kim
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