January 11, 2023

I work in the field of wireless communications. In some cases, the coverage is weak and deploying reflectors in the environment allows the wireless signal to be received nearly everywhere.

Whenever the church has spoken or prayed about reflecting the light of Christ, I have envisioned something similar, that if we could all be reflectors reflecting Christ's light, then the entire world would see and believe.

I like that illustration, but in one of the daily Bible readings last week, I was reminded in Matthew 5 that Christ declared, "You are the light of the world…Your light must shine before people." What's interesting is that it didn't say we should reflect the light, but rather we should be the light.

Ok, then how might we be that light? 

In Exodus 34, it says, "(Moses') face was radiant because he had spoken with the LORD."

While this is an example of becoming literally radiant from being in the presence of God, I wondered how I might also dwell in God's presence and become light. 

For me, I think it still starts with God's word. The richness and fullness of God's word is such that there is so much I misunderstand or simply don't know.  

In the new year, let's enter into God's presence through His word. And as you do, may Christ's light shine on you and through you.


Joseph Kang

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