David Choi, senior pastor

Pastor David grew up in a Christian home in Buffalo (Go Bills!) and came to a deeper, personal faith in college. This led him to spend far too many years in school but he eventually graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary (M. Div. '93 and Ph. D. '03) and got ordained in 2003. He joined the pastoral staff in 1999 thinking that it would be a temporary stay, but he and his wife fell in love with the congregation and sensing God's call, stayed. Back then, the congregation was mostly college students and they had just one child. Now they have three teenagers (with one having left for college) and he's amazed that the number of children in the church on Sunday sometimes threaten to outnumber the adults. He is so thankful and joyful that he's been able to walk alongside the growth of this congregation. His passion continues to be the teaching and preaching of God's Word, and it is his ongoing prayer that the church will trust God's Word and grow in love for God, for one another, and for the world.

Danny Furuyama, youth pastor

Danny Furuyama was born and raised in California. In 2015, God gave Danny a promise verse, "He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out…he goes on ahead of them, and his sheep follow him because they know his voice" (John 10:3-4). This promise kept him safe during his mission recruiting trip to the East Coast during the historic snow setting winter season. But God was preparing something even bigger. During the recruiting trip, a member of the church casted a vision of moving out to the East Coast, joining Graceway and expanding the college ministry at Rutgers University. With his wife greatly enjoying her teaching career, his two young boys being babysat weekly by their grandparents, and Danny directing the college fellowship at UC Berkeley, it seemed almost impossible. But God was leading Danny out, to trust Him and to take a step of faith. In the summer of 2015, Danny moved to New Jersey with his wife, Akemi, and two sons, Isaiah (2 years old), and Micah (9 months old) and joined the Graceway family.

Do Hee Kim, children's ministry pastor

Being the fourth child in a family of five daughters, Do Hee grew up sheltered and preciously loved. She thought she had a fatal illness that her family kept secret from her, because she couldn't think of any other reason why they were so good toward her. As a child she knew of God through Sunday school and through the beauty of trees and flowers, and everything else that opened her senses to there being something bigger than what her eyes could see. But it wasn't until the summer of her 13th birthday that she heard in her heart of hearts Jesus say, "I love you, Do Hee." As she sang, "The greatest thing in all my life is knowing you," she wept as the words took residence in her heart. On that very day, she gave her heart to the One who knew it completely. As she grew older, all the bubble wrap and Styrofoam peanuts that cushioned her through her early life couldn't buffer her from some of life's crashes. Scathed and wounded, Do Hee was broken. But not forgotten. One summer day, she was unexpectedly "surprised by joy" and couldn't stop smiling, because her mind finally joined her heart and became completely Jesus'. Throughout the years, Jesus has never left her, despite all the mistakes she's made. Even during times when she left him, she always found Jesus waiting for her.

Do Hee likes to listen to stories, so come find her and tell her yours.

She joined Graceway in the summer of 2013.

Norm Hurst, elder

Norm is an engineer, born and bred. Since childhood he has taken things apart to see how they are designed, and to fix broken things. In a 10th grade high school biology class Norm realized that our bodies were too complex to have happened by accident, so we had been designed: created. But this understanding did not lead to a relationship with God until his college years, when his broken family imploded and he couldn't fix it. At the end of himself, he reached out for the first time to the creator he knew existed but had never spoken with. And He was there!

Norm was ordained as an elder in 1994. He has served in many roles, including choir director and praise team member, and perhaps most passionately as mentor and teacher to high school kids.

Norm prays that our community would find its unity not in shared cultural attributes like level of education and income, but in Jesus and Him only.

Yuna Kim, elder

Yuna has been part of the Graceway family since January 2004 with her husband, Sam and now two daughters, Emily & Lucy. Yuna spends her days as a ​psychotherapist, volunteering at her daughters' schools, attempting to exercise and forever searching for the perfect recipe that her entire family will enjoy. At Graceway, Yuna is currently engaged in retreat planning, Take-Them-A-Meal, and praise team. One of the most exciting things she finds about Graceway is seeing people return to church after years of being away. It is her continued prayer that Graceway will be a place of worship that reflects God's perfect love​ & unconditional acceptance.

Jennie Byun, elder

Jennie has been loving and serving Graceway since 2001, while in her second semester at Rutgers. She has experienced God's powerful love through this community and welcomes any opportunity to share these stories. She has a lot of stories! Jennie was ordained an elder in June of 2013. Outside of the church, Jennie works in learning & development for a large public accounting firm. She lives in North Brunswick with her husband, Jim and their two daughters, Jamie and Jessie. She enjoys cooking, quoting lines from 90s movies/TV shows, Zumba and being on a budget. Ask her about this!


Chan Sohn, elder

The Graceway community became a part of Chan's life in 2002, during his first year at Rutgers.  Over the years, the church proved integral to his spiritual growth and maturation, nurturing a heart that desires to serve.  After graduating from the Rutgers Pharmacy program, Chan spent a year volunteering in The Gambia, Africa, serving the people there and hosting short term mission teams.  Today, Chan, his gorgeous wife, Carmiña, and his two inexhaustible boys Caleb and Corwin, continue to love and enjoy this Graceway community. Chan is honored to be serving as an elder and hopes that the church will continue to grow and seek Christ's Kingdom.

Joseph Kang, elder

Joe has been attending Graceway since 2008 and has served with fellowship groups, missions, retreats, and Sprouts. Joe's favorite experiences at Graceway have been at retreats and missions trips, because they take him away from customary busyness and comforts, and allow him to better hear God's voice. A highlight of Joe's faith journey was witnessing the bewilderment of a drought-ravaged community in Kenya listen to a sermon about living water as the clouds opened up in rain. Joe and his wife Susan share three children, Allison, Andrew, and Ryan.











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