Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Presbyterians adhere to the Reformed tradition of the Protestant Reformation.  Central to this tradition is the affirmation of the majesty, holiness, and providence of God who creates, sustains, rules, and redeems the world in the freedom of sovereign righteousness and love.  In addition, the Protestant Reformation watchwords – grace alone, faith alone, Scripture alone – embody principles of understanding which continue to guide and motivate our community as the people of God.

For more information about our denomination, please visit the Presbyterian Church (U. S. A.) website.

Our Mission Statement

Graceway strives to encourage one another to follow Jesus Christ and invite others to Him. The word encourage is a translation of the Greek parakaleo which means "to be called alongside," or in other words, "to be with." Our mission is to imitate what God already has done and continues to do through the Holy Spirit, whom Jesus called the Holy Encourager. The name given to Jesus, Immanuel - "God with us" - reminds us that God chose to be with us. And as such, we choose to be with one another as we strive to work out our discipleship together. We understand that this call to walk alongside each other is not meant to stay confined within our own congregation; rather, we recognize the extent of responsibility to which it calls us out into the larger community and out further still to the world. We desire to extend God's gracious invitation so that we may journey together toward the feast that God has prepared for us. 

Our Vision Statements

  1. We envision a church where the worship of God and the exposition of Scripture remain central.
  2. We envision a church that fosters an ethos of building relationships through small groups, accountability, discipleship, shared ministry, and deeper friendships.
  3. We envision a church that boldly and creatively, invites and welcomes the unchurched, serves the local community, and participates in world missions.

Our Core Values

Facilitating the heart-felt worship of God in spirit and truth in order that He would be glorified and His people would find complete satisfaction in Him.

Sound Teaching
Proclaiming and studying Scripture on both the Lord's Day and in small group settings with the conviction that all Scripture is the inspired Word of God, completely trustworthy and the authority for all matters of Christian faith and life.

Maintaining a humble posture of prayer both corporately and individually in order to experience the presence and power of God in all facets of ministry and life.

Living out Christ's Great Commission to make disciples of all nations by communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ with integrity in personal evangelism and through prayerful and financial support of domestic and overseas missions.

Belonging to one another as Christ has commanded through Fellowship Groups (small groups) in order to share in honest relationships that will foster accountability and intimacy within the larger group.

Developing and teaching the importance of mentoring and one-on-one discipleship in order to become more like Christ.

Honoring God with our lives by understanding what it means to manage responsibly and also to give generously, cheerfully, and sacrificially of our talents, treasures, and time.

Ministry Excellence
Pursuing excellence in all our ministries and fulfilling our vocations with passion and compassion. 

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