Online Worship update
If there are any connectivity issues on future Sundays, please check the church website ( for updated information. 

Meal train for the Furuyama family
A meal schedule has been created for the Furuyama family. To sign up, contact

Join a Fellowship Group (FG)!
If you are not currently involved with a FG, please contact Chan Sohn ( and he will get you connected. All FGs are meeting virtually, so geography is not an issue! Now, more than ever, is a good time to be part of a smaller community for prayer, bible study and fun.

Stay Connected! 
As we continue to find creative ways to be together during the COVID-19 pandemic, come join us in one additional medium, online forums! There you can find discussion threads about recipes, hobbies, and random silly things that people share. We also have a shoutbox (or chatbox) for anyone who want more interactive discussion during the day when you need to take a break from the busy-ness of work and taking care of family or responsibilities around the house. Come join us!

Help Needed
If anyone needs help during this time of social-distancing, please reach out to any member of the pastoral staff or session. The church is here for you.

Media Opt-Out 
If anyone does not want their faces or family members' faces included in the church's media such as the website and social media platforms, please email Jennie Byun

On the first Sunday of the month, Pastor David will begin serving communion to anyone that is unable to receive it during service. Please come to the chapel at the end of service if you would like to receive it.

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